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Archive | July, 2013

Launch of Lumon Fit App

Ditch Your Clipboard, Switch to Lumon Fit’s Game-Changing App A revolutionary iPad App for trainers and therapists that allows you to ditch your clipboard and utilize amazing technology to assess clients, develop a training program, track and monitor progress, schedule appointments, perform calculations, and store all the info both in the App and on the […]

About Lumon Productions

LUMON Productions is a software development company that was founded in Florida by Lukasz Monka in 2012. Our mission is to use technology in an array of disciplines and to create extremely approachable products. These products are designed to provide simple, one-touch solutions for detailed and seemingly complicated assignments. We want to equip our clients with time-saving tools. We believe our products allow you to invest less time and achieve more impressive results.

Lumon Fit App